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    1. Calliers
      Sending you a pm coz it said my message was too long. :)
    2. Calliers
      Ma nyucka!!! WASUP!!!!! Why you so quiet these days, it's like you're maintaining radio silence on the forums, you didn't even diss the lame phone I bought recently lol.
      1. IvanV
        Oh crap, I'm so sleepy that I reported your message instead of replying! Things are going well, if a little hectic on my end. We've got literally 5 concurrent projects at work, plus maintenance for old clients, and we're a 10 men firm, so we're pretty close to falling apart.
        Apr 16, 2017
      2. IvanV
        Apart from work, I've gone back to dancing a bit more actively (mostly bachata and kizomba these days), I'm taking Italian lessons and, as of a few months ago, there's a certain somebody that's been taking a lot of my time in the best way possible. So, I'm not around as much as I used to be, and when I do drop by, I'm often a little low on energy, so I don't post as much. How are you doing?
        Apr 16, 2017
    3. Calliers
      Will I ever fall in love, and if I do will it be with you? Will I ever fall in love, and will you be the one for me!!! :D
      1. IvanV
        LOL! :D I didn't know that song, but now it's in my head! :D
        Sep 22, 2016
        Calliers likes this.
      2. Calliers
        It's bloomin good eh? :)
        Sep 22, 2016
    4. Calliers
      you've got mail!
    5. Calliers
    6. Calliers
      Double Scratch that. :lol:

      Ok, so I just realized you were collecting Saints Row "the third" cards not the fourth, so I used my awesome trading skills and now I have for you Saints Row The Third Nyte Blayde and Saints Row The Third The Boss of the Saints cards as well as that Trine 2 Zoya card.

      For these 3 cards could I please have HL2 Trouble Underground? [IMG]
    7. Calliers
      So will you give me the two cards? I'd buy them on the market but can't until the 25th of August as I didn't buy anything on Steam for more than a year and my account had to be re-approved. I can still buy games though so I'm getting some cash this week and can buy you a title for 10 bucks that you want in exchange for those two cards [IMG]

      Would have pmmed you this but your inbox is full.
    8. Calliers
      It's funny, I asked you how you felt with 400 rep power, it seemed like a lot to me at the time but now I've got 602 rep power lol
    9. Calliers
      So how does it feel to have 400 rep power??? You must be mad with power. :lol:
    10. Calliers
      Thank you!
    11. edisontomenio
      hi im so desperate and browsing through the forum i saw your posts and you seem to know a lot about stuff surrounding this forum. i dont really know what im reading here, im new to this stuff and i saw you are online. is it a bother to ask for help :<
    12. ThankYouCcoltmanm
    13. comp_ali
      Btw, people have managed to convet COD: Black ops from russian to english if you are interested. There are many sites that sell cheap games keys atm but I have no previous experience with any. Probably I will buy the GFWL pack since it contain about 30 games for less than 20 $ from our local seller. :)
    14. charm_quark
      sadly, because i sent my a mail. and didnt reply so was wondering what happend to him, well just so you know i also didnt have contact with him out side hh, but was wondering what happened to him!
      PS: he was supposed to marry a friend to get way from tax or something like that :) so was curious..
    15. Calliers
      Don't forget you can subscribe to the Gold 'n Alumni group

    16. charm_quark
      hi, i'm curious have you heard from gigawatt lately, what he up tooo.
    17. GigaWatt
      well, anyway, it's nice to know that i have a neighbour here in DH... ;)
    18. GigaWatt
      sorry if i'm a bother, but i couldn't help noticing that you have first hand knowledge (or so it seemed in the posts) about my country, Macedonia... most of the world doesn't even know where it is, let alone know something about the people or the culture... you had some personal experience here (in Macedonia), or...?
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