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Jan 6, 2015
Jun 25, 2002
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Robert McClelland

I'm An Uncle for 2nd time, from Somewhere in Wood County Ohio Same Town :)

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Jan 6, 2015
    1. Robert McClelland
      Robert McClelland
      Did you try Pax 6.25 set and used the driver cleaner or sweaper?
    2. Nuja
      its Nuja from creative forum. I might know what is my problem: i dont have playback for the input stuff (line in, mic, spdif in) that is why i cant hear them. Do u know a way to add them in the playback option of windows ? that way i could hear them. thank you
    3. jfd
      Hello Robert, thank you for your reply in topic:
      Audigy 1 on WinVista - what software pack can I install ?

      You suggest me to install "audigy 4 software pack".

      Can you also tell me where can i seek for this pack on your site? Recently I have only found software pack from year 2005 =) (Audigy4Pro-YpoauxP.7z)

    4. betopr
      Ok gonna download them now since i have to reinstall windows again on another hd that i just got ill try them and let you know how it works thanks alot.
    5. Robert McClelland
      Robert McClelland
      you welcome try my 6.15 set.
    6. hussain
      I bought the creative xtreme music when xfi first came out for use in my htpc. I connected the sound card with my creative gigaworks s750 speakers to watch movies on my 42 inch plasma.

      After the xtreme music died. I went out and bought creative xtreme gamer(as xtreme music was no longer around) without realizing that xtreme gamer did not hardware decode dolby.

      Since the replacement of xtreme music with xtreme gamer; I have always had a problem with the clarity of dialogue in movies.

      It was only a few days ago that i stumbled upon this issue of "hardware vs softwer" decode of dolby sound in creative sound cards while reading about daniel K fiasco., So now like any audio head, i desperately want hardware decoded sound from my xtreme gamer sound card for dvd's in my htpc.

      As per release notes of the new xfi drivers (see below), I won't have hardware decoded dolby sound even, if i install the new drivers released by creative which supposingly allow hardware decoded sound as i own xtreme gamer.

      Sound Blaster X-Fi Series with DVD-Audio Playback and Dolby Digital/DTS Decoding

      So is there any moded driver out there which can help me get hardware decoded dolby sound from my xfi xtreme gamer sound card.

      Thankyou in advance.
    7. Teme
    8. Calliers
      Nope, although he is my good good friend, I wish we were brothers. :D We did find it an interesting coincidence the first time when I told him my name was "also" Allan, lol. :)

      You've got a customer :p

    9. thutico
      Hello Robert, thank you for your hard work,
      I have one problem could you hep me ?
      I have an audigy 2 oem card , I'm only know its name is : sb audigy2 0240 oem card . I havd find many driver . but my computer only know card , I don't have any application to use with it .
      Could you hepl me the driver and appplication to use with this soundcard ( I use Windows XP sp 2 ).

      Thank you very much .
    10. Robert McClelland
      Robert McClelland
      Ah ok so your not The Allan AKA Zardon then :P sorry lol unless your his brother hehe I'm just confuse?:lol:
    11. Calliers
      I don't have a ps3. :p

      Only a pc. :)
    12. ROBSCIX
      sorry, meant to Pm you.
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    Somewhere in Wood County Ohio Same Town :)
    AMD FX 6350 X6 3.9ghz
    AMD Ram AP38G1608U2K 16gig
    Memory Timings:
    XFX R 9 280 X black edition
    msi 970 gaming board/ Z series sound card.
    Power Supply:
    ENERMAX REVOLUTION85+ ERV920EWT 920W ATX12V / EPS12V SLI Ready CrossFire Ready 80 PLUS SILVER.
    Samsung SyncMaster S24B300EL HD LED LCD
    Scythe SCKBT-1000 120mm Sleeve Kabuto 6 Heat Pipes CPU Cooler
    Hard Drive 1:
    Crucial MX200 250GB
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    Samsung Evo 540 120gig
    Hard Drive 3:
    Samsung 2Tb
    Hard Drive 4:
    WD 1T 64meg cache Black Edtion
    Computer Case:
    Guarding 921 with 10X LG Blu Ray Burner
    Created best possbile sound on creative sound cards drivers.


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    "XTREME AUDIO IS CRAP!" "There no support for it. It's crapist card on face of the earth it should be throw into the sun"

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