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Jan 6, 2015
Jun 25, 2002
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Robert McClelland

I'm An Uncle for 2nd time, from Somewhere in Wood County Ohio Same Town :)

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Jan 6, 2015
    1. Kishi
    2. Robert McClelland
      Robert McClelland
      got driver link?
    3. Kishi
      Hi Robert, do you mod VIA sound card driver like PRODIGY HD2 ???
    4. Doerri
      it's not a bug :) just a second configuration like headset-function which changes some settings with one click. is it maybe possible to change the configuration für this function (i dont really need it, but would love to have two different assignement profiles).

    5. Doerri
      Hello [IMG]

      first of all, a big thanks to you for your work with the PAX-drivers. Using them since 1 year and i'm very happy with them!

      And now a short question about the channel-assignment in THX-Console:

      I woud like to have two "assignement" profiles, which i can change by 1 click, just like the headphone-option!
      Is there any way to do this? How can i access the configuration files for that and reload them without restartuing the driver?

      Patrick (from Germany) [IMG]
    6. Allure
      Hello Robert.
      I'm sorry for the disturb.
      I'm David from Italy.
      As a X-Fi owner I have always used the PAX drivers. I find them very good!
      Recently my card crashed and I replaced it with a Cantatis Overture.
      Despite this card sounds fantastically, it has not my beloved Crystalizer.
      Is there any way to get it as a single plugin?
      Or is it possibile to replicate it with a third-party plugin?
      I hope you can answer my question.
      Many thanks!

    7. Robert McClelland
      Robert McClelland
      Going release the pcie xtreme audio notebook soon like right now for testing.
    8. Xementhal
      Hi Robert, i am Gonzalo from argentina. I want to know if you can make work, Soundfont synth in X-FI AUDIO NETBOOK in W7. This synth works in Windows XP but my new HP notebook don´t have all drivers to run XP. Thanks-
    9. Robert McClelland
    10. flamevtx
      Really appretiate your effort on these drivers. In the name of everyone that one way or another were helped by this not-so-little piece of work, i thank you.
    11. SkylineTTurbo
      Robert I added you to several IM messenger services, but I didn't PM you first, sorry... I'm in no rush to resolve my matter, and I know you're a busy guy, so please take your time getting to me... Everything is working fine, except my sound card won't change from 2.1 to 7.1 or any other "range" meaning 5.1 surround sound or something.... I have the creative gigaworks 7.1 surround sound speakers, all setup correctly, I have Windows 7 Enterprise x64 (I work at a college and we have a site license) so I get it for free, it's the same as Ultimate, just under a different name... My IM names or the same as my username here, I'll be out for a while tonight, CST so just let me know when you get a chance to get back to me... take care...
    12. crnidejan
      I runned teamviewer 7(not installed). My
      ID is 384 524 788 and password 3679.

      When you have time you can check and inform me what next.

      Regards Dejan
    13. Robert McClelland
      Robert McClelland
      just talked to you hehe.
    14. kirangarapati
      Can we use skype for chatting? I don't have any other chat installed.
    15. Robert McClelland
    16. kepa416
      Maybe the problem is with Intel?
    17. Robert McClelland
      Robert McClelland
      Gigaybte 890FX UD5 board amd 1055 t
    18. kepa416
      @Robert McClelland

      I have 8gigs of ram I have no audio issue [IMG]

      And what's your system?
    19. Robert McClelland
      Robert McClelland
      Ya sound like a mess. Make sure you save your bookmarks
    20. sebo1020
      Super!!!, Now I have to reinstall the system
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    Somewhere in Wood County Ohio Same Town :)
    AMD FX 6350 X6 3.9ghz
    AMD Ram AP38G1608U2K 16gig
    Memory Timings:
    XFX R 9 280 X black edition
    msi 970 gaming board/ Z series sound card.
    Power Supply:
    ENERMAX REVOLUTION85+ ERV920EWT 920W ATX12V / EPS12V SLI Ready CrossFire Ready 80 PLUS SILVER.
    Samsung SyncMaster S24B300EL HD LED LCD
    Scythe SCKBT-1000 120mm Sleeve Kabuto 6 Heat Pipes CPU Cooler
    Hard Drive 1:
    Crucial MX200 250GB
    Hard Drive 2:
    Samsung Evo 540 120gig
    Hard Drive 3:
    Samsung 2Tb
    Hard Drive 4:
    WD 1T 64meg cache Black Edtion
    Computer Case:
    Guarding 921 with 10X LG Blu Ray Burner
    Created best possbile sound on creative sound cards drivers.


    Yahoo! Messenger:


    "XTREME AUDIO IS CRAP!" "There no support for it. It's crapist card on face of the earth it should be throw into the sun"

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