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Jan 6, 2015
Jun 25, 2002
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Robert McClelland

I'm An Uncle for 2nd time, from Somewhere in Wood County Ohio Same Town :)

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Jan 6, 2015
    1. sebo1020
      Nothing helped, On the X-Fi XtremeMusic I set the speakers only 2.1
    2. Robert McClelland
      Robert McClelland
      Please used the PAX Master PCI XFI ALL OS Driver Suite 1.20 ;)
    3. sebo1020
      I have a problem with applications creative console launcher after installation PAX MASTER PCI XFI ALL OS Driver Suite


      the same as here
      Creative Console Launcher issue

      Of course before installing I uninstalled all old drivers, And now nothing helps
    4. muhsing
    5. chika7ilo
    6. Newlo1
      her are drivers cd Thanks got it.
    7. Robert McClelland
      Robert McClelland
      I have 8gigs of ram I have no audio issue :)
    8. Davor982
      Finally I solved this mystery! Its all about 4GB installed ram memory.
      I found this post:
      "I claim NO responsibility if you mess this up but you can use this as a temporary work around until it is resolved by creative labs without removing memory... physically.

      First run MSCONFIG
      select the boot tab
      select advanced options
      under max memory select 3990 (or any value under 4 GB is fine IE anything less than 1024 * 4)

      This will reduce the amount of memory that the PC uses which will allow you to hear the audio. There is also BETA testing of newer drivers from Creative (the most recent batch of BETAS did not resolve the issue) that I am a part of. When there is a working beta I will respond so we can all utilize our 64x machines."

      This could be helpful for anybody with x64 OS's, and more than 4GB RAM memory installed.
    9. Robert McClelland
      Robert McClelland
      Make sure microphone is defualt on and listen threw. It can be annoying at times.
    10. Davor982
      The onboard output is disabled in bios and AMD HDMI disabled from device manager, good point! But i have the issue with the microphone input on recording devices tab the VU-meter right to it is always on full I think that's the problem. Any help please?
    11. Robert McClelland
      Robert McClelland
      Did you make sure you have onboard and HDMI video card are disable make sure you have creative speaker are set default :)
    12. Davor982
      Please my friend, help me.
      I just purchased used creative xtreme music (retail) sb0460
      with id:

      I am running windows 7 x64.
      Today I have downloaded yours newest driver "PAX PCI XFI ALL OS Driver V4.60" and "PAX MASTER Suite V2.05" installed them, and had no luck. It seams that the drivers are properly installed and the installation went without any problem, but whatever i tried i couldn't manage to get sound.
      Could you point the exact driver for me.
      Thank you in advance.
    13. DjFluidz
      login msn bro.. need to speak to you. :)
    14. Robert McClelland
      Robert McClelland
      I will try with my tweaks on usb stuff XFI HD USB let you know later :) Got do auzentech drivers next :).
    15. crown21
      I have the same situation as Eternaltraces (he posted on 05/11).
      Robert, can you please help with drivers for SB1240 (X-Fi HD USB) to be able to unlock full EAX parameters controls and bass/treble controls under Win7 x64?
    16. RanCorX2
      hi, I found several items in your full pax x-fi suite that could be updated;

      CTShared\Shared <some files in here
      Creative Entertainment Center\CTShared\CTRedist\APOIM
      Creative Entertainment Center\CTShared\CTRedist\Cadi
      Creative Entertainment Center\CTShared\CTRedist\LaunchEx\PIDInst

      still checking versions against others i have, the newer versions are in the forte driver btw.
      Just uninstalled everything creative and am going to install it all again with the updated components.

      edit, correct some of the updated components reside in the forte driver and some in x-fi mb 1.9.
    17. flipp022
      hello Robert
      the same problem he switch back to normal modus,
      but thank you for al your hard work.
      I send also a email to Creative for this problem,

      how you can make this way an audio card
    18. flipp022
      Robert thank you, I use the driver so, and let you hear or the driver for my works
    19. Robert McClelland
      Robert McClelland
      That the plan with tweaks if you can't adjust in setting in the driver but you can do with tweak in the inf ;). But you have unintalled them each adjustment only way ;). I try do some work on drivers tomorrow :).
    20. Eternaltraces
      Eternaltraces I rared all the files from driver CD.. I hope, if you could, that you make this driver just like every other Xfi driver, with equaliser, game/music creation/entertainment mode and with bass/treble pans. I would be very very gratious.
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    Somewhere in Wood County Ohio Same Town :)
    AMD FX 6350 X6 3.9ghz
    AMD Ram AP38G1608U2K 16gig
    Memory Timings:
    XFX R 9 280 X black edition
    msi 970 gaming board/ Z series sound card.
    Power Supply:
    ENERMAX REVOLUTION85+ ERV920EWT 920W ATX12V / EPS12V SLI Ready CrossFire Ready 80 PLUS SILVER.
    Samsung SyncMaster S24B300EL HD LED LCD
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    Crucial MX200 250GB
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    Samsung 2Tb
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    WD 1T 64meg cache Black Edtion
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