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    1. cmptrluvr
      Hi Tipstaff,

      My friend wants 2 buy a Graphics card and PSU...Budget Rs.8500/= at the most.
      He googled and found out his requirement in "Sapphire HD5750 1GB GDDR-5 Graphics Card" and "Seasonic Bronze Power Supply 400 Watt Model-SS-400-ES".

      Now he wants to know if his choice is a good one...He needs these for atleast next 3 years to play games and do video editing...
      Will these work together nicely???
      Is their performance good???

      Please help!!!

      Full specs are...

      1360 x 768 resolution screen,
      A combo DVD drive (moserbaer), 320GB hard disk, 2GB RAM, DG31PR motherboard, Intel Core 2 Duo E7400 processor!!!

      Plz help!!!
    2. Calliers
      Don't forget you can subscribe to the Gold 'n Alumni group and keep posted via your user control panel.

    3. charm_quark
    4. charm_quark
      lol,,, there there now

      i guess it is doing well for you, i guess years of experience has taught you a lot then.
    5. charm_quark
    6. Tipstaff
      I've also found creative ways to search for things. I'm a very quick and determined searcher, and I pickup on things, even little things when searching that lead me to what I want... even obscure stuff that is buried deep within a question on a site that only has 1 member. Thank God there's more than that on HH. LOL!
    7. Tipstaff
      Ancient bookmarks. Seriously. I've got bookmarks going back years. Anything I see that I find interesting, or that I run across as part of my business (such as if I'm looking to find out how to remove all the blank space in-between listings in Add/Remove Programs) I'll bookmark it. I've also got tons of registry fixes stored away that I've had to use at least once over the years. In my business you come across all sorts of issues that need resolving, whether it be an easy fix, or something out of left field that has no bearing on the problem, but does something, just enough of something that allows you to fix what it was you were working on. It pays to hold onto the files and to bookmark the site/sites you got them from.
    8. charm_quark
      hi was wondering where do you get all your registry info!, most of the reg books i have read don't go to much details into the Root\CLSid's...... ... so you microsoft?:hmm: :confused:

      i do like your reg stuff though, always enlightening
    9. Tipstaff
      go for it sahara
    10. sahara_mafia
      hi tipstaff
      comp_ali asked me to ask u any quest about win7
      can i
    11. comp_ali
      Thanks man. I finally bought it. It is 1 year warranty however , but I hope I don't need to worry about it.
    12. Tipstaff
      I'd go with it. Black drives are WDs premier consumer drive. They are designed for performance (7200 RPM, 32MB cache, 64MB cache with the 2TB drive), and carry a 5 year warranty. Very nice drives.
    13. comp_ali
      Hi man , I think I found the WD Black drive at last but I think it is 7200 RPM , should I go with it. Also I am not planning on RAID .
    14. Tipstaff
      There was a thread that was just dealing with WD drives in RAID that might interest you as we got into discussing the Green drives, as well as others. I'd give that a read.

      For gaming I tend to look at a couple factors: cache size, and speed (RPM). WDs Black drives or their Velociraptor drives (they only have 16mb cache, but they run at 10,000 RPM), or Seagates Barracuda 7200.12 drives at or larger than 750GB (at or above 750GB they are 7200RPM, 32MB cache drives, but at or below 500GB they only have 16MB cache) drives, or Seagates Barracuda ES.2 (Enterprise drive, and all sizes are 7200RPM, 32MB cache drives) are all good choices.

      Another choice would be SSD drives, such as OCZ Vertex, Vertex Turbo, or G.Skills Falcon drives (they all use the same controllers), however with SSDs, anything lower than 120GB tend to be slower when it comes to reading/writing.. at least in the case of the OCZ/G.Skill drives I mentioned. The only issue at the moment is that they are a bit picky, or rather need a bit of maintenance to maintain their speed, and even setup where Windows XP is concerent, but that's changing with Windows 7. If you go with an SSD drive think about switching to Windows 7 too.

      Personally, in my specs you'll see that I have 2 smaller Raptors (2nd gen, 10,000RPM, and have 16MB cache) setup in RAID0. This allows for data to be written to, and read from those drives faster (great for gaming), and since if 1 drive dies in RAID0 I'd be pretty much screwed (I'd lose all the data), so I have a 3rd drive that is bigger to hold my important data, such as save games, documents, desktop items, and so fourth (my user folder in Windows 7 is forwarded to that drive), plus an image of the system so that I can easily recover the system.
    15. comp_ali
      Hi man , I am considering buying internal HDD too but later , what is the difference (especially in spinning speed and transfer speed ) between WD green power and the normal black one . All I can see in the market here are the green ones , should I get it or it will be slow . I will use it for gaming .

      Thank you
    16. Tipstaff
      The 3DSP BlueW2310u, right? For which operating system are you trying to install the card in?

      The only thing I could come up with are a newer set of drivers on 3DSPs site right here (sorry about linking it like this, but for some reason it won't let me embed the link, nor will it show up correctly, but if you click the ??? marks it will take you to their site):


      From what I can gather they don't have any 64bit Windows 7 drivers, only 32bit, and those drivers include all 32bit OS from Win2K to Windows 7. They do have 64bit drivers for Vista, so if you're looking for W7 64bit drivers you might try installing the Vista ones manually.
    17. hipokondriak
      No insult taken Grr:)

      it is a PCIe network card for newer devices. On the back of the device is a code - i presume is the mac address - 0021c5116ebc. a laser etched number - STA-MU-A0025.

      On the front, on the only chip big enough to read is the following data: 3DSP(tm) stk9100CLQG, BLUEW-2310U,H39952A-0917. There are other chips , but they appear to have just part numbers.

      The above may help you. I have searched myself and only got the same drivers as I already have on the CDROM that came with it and they don't work.
    18. hipokondriak
      can you help with drivers for a bluetooth and wifi pci/e card?
    19. hipokondriak
      Greetings wise one, thanks for your post, it was enlightening. It helps to read the date on the post before I post a reply to something that is probably out of date and the people have moved on.
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