‘Axiom Verge’ Receiving Free Randomizer Mode in New Update

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    With developer Thomas Happ still working away at Axiom Verge 2, the developer decided to drop a treat for fans waiting on the sequel in the form of a free update to the original. In a new blog post, Happ revealed that Axiom Verge will be receiving a new Randomizer Mode that randomizes the items you get as you progress through the game.

    Happ explains that the option came to be based on the speedrunning community for the game. An unofficial version of the Randomizer Mode had been created by Pozzum, who worked with Happ to incorporate it into the game.

    The Randomizer Mode (which is currently only available in beta form on the Epic Games Store and Steam versions) will also have different difficulty levels, each catering to the specific type of run you’d like to work on. The higher difficulties require the player to exploit certain glitches in the game to allow them, and will actually accommodate the player in order to do so.
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