‘Fortnite’ player discovers game-changing heavy shotgun bug

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    A Fortnite player discovered a bug that involves the Heavy Shotgun, which could become a game-changing glitch with a bit of practice.

    In Fortnite, players build various structures to try to gain an advantage over their opponents. Walls, for example, are a simple means of protection against enemies and their bullets.

    However, things are no longer than simple with a newly discovered bug by a Fortnite player who goes by the name Airaga on Reddit.

    Airaga was in the middle of a match when he used a launch pad to get near an enemy, then built a wall for cover. His opponent, using a heavy shotgun, was still able to kill him, as the weapon was able to shoot through the wall.

    After taking a look at the game’s replay to figure out what happened, Airaga discovered that if done at a specific angle, the nozzle of the heavy shotgun goes through a wall, allowing the player to shoot through it.
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