‘Gears 5’ Receiving New “Hivebusters” Campaign Next Week

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    The Coalition has announced that Gears 5 will finally get some new DLC next week in the form of Hivebusters, a new campaign expansion that adds three hours of co-op action. The expansion will launch on December 15th, and puts you in the shoes of Lahni, Keegan, and Mac, the trio from the base game’s Escape mode.

    The story goes that the group (known as The Scorpio Squad) is being sent on a suicide mission to destroy a Swarm hive and you have to get them through it alive. As mentioned, you’ll be able to play it with some friends in 3-player co-op. As a nice bonus, you can do this in either online co-op or split-screen. You’ll also be able to use and upgrade Ultimate Abilities in the campaign for the first time. Originally, these skills were from the base game’s Horde mode.
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