‘God Of War’ is getting an ABC book for adults

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    Kratos’ and Atreus’ journey from 2018’s PlayStation 4 exclusive, God Of War, is being adapted into a satirical ABC storybook.

    God Of War: B Is For Boy was announced via publisher Insight Edition’s Twitter account, and will tell the story of Kratos and his relationship with his son, Atreus. The book will be a lighthearted adaptation of the critically-acclaimed God Of War game.

    The book will feature a heavy emphasis on Kratos’ at times “questionable” wisdom and guidance for his son, but will go light on the brutality, gore and language that gamers have come to expect from the games.

    Author Andrea Robinson and illustrator Romina Tempest describe their collaborative effort as an “ABC storybook for adults”. Speaking to Polygon, Tempest clarified that it’s also not nearly as graphic as the PS4 exclusive game. “You may have to cover your kid’s eyes in one or two places to guarantee a completely kid-friendly experience.”

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