‘Overwatch’ Symmetra ‘autism’ fan theory confirmed

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    If the latest buzz is to be followed, Blizzard Entertainment is incorporating character bios and story information in “Overwatch.” The studio has also reportedly confirmed the fan theory about the character Symmetra.

    According to Polygon, a letter from “Overwatch” director Jeff Kaplan has reignited the conversation about one of the game’s most-intriguing and intense heroes, Symmetra. A viral image has surface online on Tumblr where Kaplan is seen explicitly referring to Symmetra as autistic for the very first time. Moreover, Blizzard has also confirmed that Kaplan’s note about Symmetra is accurate and true. This is a welcome relief for players who have believed in a fan theory since May 2016, when Symmetra’s back-story began to be filled out slowly.
    Source: ibtimes.com.au

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