‘Shower With Your Dad’ Video Game Horrifies Players

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    Accusations of ‘normalizing pedophilia‘ are being hurled at the massively popular game distribution platform Steam in the wake of that company’s decision to feature “Shower With Your Dad,” a “fast-paced shower-simulation” in which players try to direct young children to shower with their fathers in a public bathroom instead of random men. Detractors, including Britain’s National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, are now demanding that Steam remove the game, which features pixelated nudity and is, if nothing else, tonally bizarre.

    While there is nothing inherently weird or wrong with a young child bathing or showering with a parent, opponents of the game seem particularly upset with how it depicts naked young boys and could, as the Chief Executive of Barndo, the UK’s leading children’s charity, pointed out, “encourage pedophilia.” While it may be a bit of a stretch to say that the game emboldens pedophiles, “Shower With Your Dad” feels very much like a provocation in the mold of South Park, but considerably less joyfully executed. The game is clearly designed to raise eyebrows and, well, you live and die by that sword.
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