‘Splatoon 2’ Splatfest: Mayo beats ketchup but some players aren’t pleased

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    The Splatoon 2 Splatfest just ended and the event may not have been such a great experience for some players, though the thousands of players who tuned in and had a good time might say otherwise. But what exactly is Splatfest?

    For those that don’t know, Splatfest is a super special event, hosted by the Squid Sisters, Callie and Marie. It’s an event that brings together fans of the game to enjoy some good battles. You have two sides to choose from, and in this particular case it was mayonnaise vs. ketchup. So you’re either team mayo or team ketchup and while repping your colors, you battle the other team in a classic Splatoon face-off. The team with the highest win percentages and most votes wins.

    Team mayo may not have won in terms of votes, but they were able to beat team ketchup regardless. The problem is, however, some battles apparently didn’t count toward a win. You see, Marina Octoling is a popular character from the game and chose team ketchup. So a good majority of players were playing on team ketchup, and there weren’t enough matches against mayo, so ketchup players would often have to play against other ketchup players. So the question was whether or not the ketchup vs. ketchup battles counted towards any wins.
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