‘Star Citizen’ Devs Affirm Eventual VR Support Say New UI is Designed With VR in Mind

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    Star Citizen may be the world’s most ambitious Early Access project (and quite possibly the next textbook example of Development Hell). For those still holding their breath, the company has recently affirmed that VR support is still planned as an eventual feature, and the game’s developers say that a new UI design is made with VR in mind.

    Beginning development as a 2012 Kickstarter project that raised a respectable $2.1 million, Star Citizen has in the years since ballooned in scope and scale, having now raised $156.1 million to date. The huge AAA budget hasn’t served to get the ambitious space action simulator out the door any sooner, with an initial release date planned for 2014, though now no firm date set even as of 2017.

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    I do know that my son is totally keeping up with this and the VR only adds to his own anticipation. Me? Not so much. Although, I do have the current rendition installed. I just hardly ever start it up anymore. The fact that they continue to add....add....add....instead of finish...finish...finish doesn't float my own boat.

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