‘Titanfall’ drops on Steam and immediately faces backlash

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    Titanfall, the mech focussed FPS from Respawn Entertainment has appeared suddenly on Steam without any announcement.

    Reviews on Steam are sitting at “Mostly Negative” as players are struggling to even get into multiplayer matches. Other bugs, such as an inability to load DLC map packs and general audio issues are being reported.

    The most recommended review on the platform was posted by user Matoro Zeliph, who wrote: “Game servers are broken. I cannot get past the main menu and I am kicked from multiplayer matchmaking. If I do get into multiplayer matchmaking, the game says that I don’t have DLC map packs installed, even though steam shows that I have all DLC installed from the property steam menu.”

    DezzyPog’s review reads: “Busted audio installer. Until they fix it the game is unplayable.”

    Another user, ex0rsyst said: “Broken abandonware. Shame, since I was really hoping to play it. Refunding immediately.”
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