‘World’s First Skateboarding Simulator’ Skapp Will Launch as a Timed PS4 Exclusive

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    Bound Games has announced that the “world’s first skateboarding simulator,” Skapp, will launch as a timed PlayStation 4 exclusive. Developed as part of the PlayStation Talents Games Camp initiative, Skapp will be raising development funds on Kickstarter starting October 27th.

    You’ll be able to play a demo on the PC right away but Skapp won’t launch on the Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC until a year after its PS4 launch.

    An overview of the game is as follows:

    Skapp is the world’s first skateboarding simulator in which you control your board performing the tricks with your phone. Test your skills by combining tricks, manuals and grinds as in a real skateboard.

    This title can be played with Android and iOS smartphones as a controller. The game features different levels adapted for all kinds of players, as well as a crazy story mode in which people’s hands rebel against humanity. Skapp is a homage to skateboarding fans as it contains authentic brands, skateboarding cultural references, and no limits to recreate any kinds of tricks!

    Source: playstationlifestyle.net

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