#1 ranked Smash 4 player ZeRo upset; gets 49th at 2GGC Civil War

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    Even the greatest have their off days, and the world of esports is no exception. Top ranked Super Smash Bros. for Wii U player ZeRo has bowed out of the 2GGC Civil War tournament at 49th, his lowest ranking in history — not just in Smash 4, but throughout his many years of playing Brawl and Melee as well.

    For those not in the know, Civil War is a tournament structured around the thematic of… well, a civil war (specifically the Marvel kind). The idea sprung from a conflict between the top two players in the world: ZeRo (Diddy Kong, Sheik) and Ally (Mario), as the two formed teams and asked all competitors to choose a side. The main feature of the tourney is a 10 v 10 crew battle between the opposing sides, scheduled for later today.
    Source: nintendowire

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