2022 Ford Maverick debuts as truly compact, hybrid pickup

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    Ford has unveiled the 2022 Maverick pickup truck and has delivered on the promise of a truly compact truck with the fuel efficiency and pricing that consumers would expect in that category. It's fully hybrid as standard, offering up to 40 mpg (5.9 l/100km) in the city.

    Ford is clearly marketing this truck towards urbanites, emphasizing its versatility, compact size, and maneuverability. Pricing will start just under US$20,000.

    Unlike most pickup trucks, the Maverick is a unibody design, unlike any other truck in Ford’s lineup. Its hybrid powertrain is a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine (in an Atkinson cycle) mated to an electric motor and continuously variable transmission (CVT). These combine to produce 191 horsepower (142.5 kW) and 155 lb-ft (210 Nm) of torque. An upgraded 2.0-liter turbocharged gasoline-only engine will also be available, boosting output to 250 HP (186.5 kW) and 277 lb-ft (375.5 Nm) through an eight-speed automatic transmission. If the latter engine sounds familiar, it’s also what powers the Ford Bronco Sport.

    Source: newatlas
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    What... Did Ford run out of names, or something?
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