343 Industries Acknowledges Halo Infinite’s Graphical Fidelity Needs Polishing

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    In 343 Industries’ latest Halo community update, the developer has acknowledged it has “work to do” ahead of Infinite’s launch in regards to the game’s graphical fidelity. It’s a response that follows a week of memes and backlash over what many believe to be an underwhelming aesthetic showcased during Infinite’s big gameplay reveal.

    The game’s cleaner, simpler graphical style harks back to the original Halo trilogy, something that 343 Industries keenly reminded the community in today’s update. It was always the intention for the game to return to an aesthetic more in keeping with those beloved, classic games.

    Even still, it also admitted to having seen fan touch-up jobs and Digital Foundry’s analysis video spotlighting flaws such as “characters and objects appearing flat, simplistic and plastic-like, lighting feeling dull and flat, and object pop-in.”
    Source: twinfinite.net
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    to be fair, it's quite high fidelity, it just suffers from the limitations of doing some relatively proper ray tracing. In real life, the visual detail of object in the shadow among the spectacular rays is very flat and hard to see, it's just unfortunate that in games, people don't realize that it's probably being realized. Granted it's by no means perfect. The game looks incredibly when the sunlight and other light sources light things up, it's when you go into dark areas or where shadows are cast naturally like that the lack of detail which is normal, occurs. There is a reason people streaming have copious amounts of light sources setup around them in order for people to actually see anything clearly, if you setup a camera and record/stream with normal lighting, you can't see detail, everything looks muddy and low resolution.

    I really hope they don't just create ambient global illumination and call it a day, it defeats the whole purpose of ray tracing.

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