3541 SDK Where can i get NtBuild Environment How do i add *.da Dane Plugins to Lib

Discussion in 'Effects and the DSP' started by Chriscpo, Dec 23, 2010.

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    Out of curiousity i am wondering Where can i get NTDDK build environment, for KX SDK 3541?

    I don't know much about programming except compilling batch files into exe and pretty good amount of batch programming but thats it...

    I was reading over the source code for KX and would like to know what is required to build Kx 3541 from source code? I would like to learn a little about programming and want to see how the source is compiled.... Can someone please refer me to some sites on learning programming that would be relevant to KX 3541.

    Also i made a simple 2X volume control and would like to add it to my install so it is part of Kx library. I remember something about using copy /b + kxlib.kxl + another file = Filenameof.???

    How can i add my 4stVol.da to Library of current KX install???

    I would like to Learn.

    Chris :)
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    Re: 3541 SDK, Where can i get NtBuild Environment, How do i add *.da, Dane Plugins to

    Microsoft ... Platform Development Kit, or Windows 7 Development Kit or something ... they change it all the time

    For one thing, you'd need the driver source, which isn't open source due to NDA(?) between kx developer and creative

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