3545 bug reports

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Eugene Gavrilov, Aug 12, 2008.

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    What OS are you using?
    What application are you testing with?

    Your problem is probably a configuration issue, or possibly a compatibility issue with your host software, as I have no problems with ASIO (with my SB0090) with 3545b.
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    Been a fan of the drivers for years, and recently reinstalled them so I could use my sb0060 and LiveDrive as a DAC for my E-MU 0404, allowing me to do SOMETHING with the SPDIF... When I saw preliminary 0404 support, I jumped for joy and installed support for both. After a reboot and a "edspctrl $1 -reset", it was working wonderfully! 2ms ASIO on both cards (Krnl/SMP sync) beats the hell out of EMU's own drivers, which drop samples below 7ms on my rig.

    Long story short, after some time using ableton, my SPDIF got funky on my 0404, so I did a reload firmware from the EDSP control in kx mixer, which resulted in a hard lock of the entire rig, so I rebooted (cold boot), and it keeps hard locking... Disabling kx mixer, it boots, but then any attempt to use edspctrl to reload the firmware crashes, telling me my card is v2 instead of v1 just before the hard lock.

    I know support is only preliminary, but I think the v1 firmware is unstable on my v2 card... I'm curious if there's any way I can grab the firmware from my EMU driver and get edspctrl to load that instead of the v1 firmware it's trying to use. I'm sure copyright issues would prevent kx drivers from coming with the official firmware, but I have it on my own rig... I just don't see any way to feed edspctrl firmware images.

    Sorry for the long post, I tried searching all over for people with the same problem, and also looked for extra edspctrl docs, failing at both, here I am, lol.

    System specs:
    Asrock 775Dual-VSTA
    Pentium E2220 2.5GHz (o/c 2.9... stock clocks didn't fix my problem)
    4GB OCZ PC2 6400
    SB0060 with livedrive
    EMU 0404 (I can look at the PCB for the part number if it might be helpful)
    Fresh WinXP SP3 installed solely for audio

    EDIT: Just pulled the card from my rig... It's labeled as EM8852. After some further testing, it seems that the kx driver only functions after having loaded PatchMix DSP from emu, then upgrading to kx project... the problem comes back after a cold reboot. This tells me that at least part of the original firmware persists after reboots, just not power cycles... is there any way to dump the fpga firmware to a file? I saw an option in kxctrl to load fpga firmware, but not one to dump firmware to file... Anyone?
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    Îòâåò: 3545 bug reports

    I live with KX Drivers ~4 years.

    Today i found that my machine hangs up because of KXMixer.exe process!
    I found that the most time when it hangs up - is BOOT time - when my disk system is very active. It can hang up and after boot time - but 90% of this hangs ups is because of activity of my disk systems.

    This problem killing me last few months.
    So i was using IDE HDD throught jMicron IDE controller, and i have thinked that all this shit is because of jMicron. After 2 months I buy SATA HDD and connect it directly to my ASUS P5k ICH9 south bridge SATA.

    BUT hangs ups still keep going.

    The problem was hard to detect because all the hardest stress tests in the world - was passed by my system!!! (S&M, Sandra, HDD Benchmark)

    But on this week I found software that can hang up my system in few minutes 100%.

    This software is: MusicIP Mixer http://www.musicip.com/downloads/MusicMixer1.8.1b.exe
    When it analyzing my music collection my system hangs up 100% in 2-3 minutes. When Im killing kxmixer.exe - all work fine hours.

    PLEASE CAN SOMEWHO HELP ME. DL this software AND try to hang up you system BY starting to analyze your mp3s with MusicIP Mixer.

    Im using latest 3545b. CT4832 10k1, Windows XP Sp3 Professional, LATESTEST DRIVERS TO ALL HARDWARE, Asus P5k mb, 2xHynix DDR2-800, Asus 8600GT.

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