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Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Eugene Gavrilov, Sep 18, 2009.

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    I'm also having that "extreme" memory allocation problem. It always happens when I double click in some DSP effect.
    It also happens if when I boot the machine and that effect's window (it's config) opens (when the user logs in). In that case I don't have any program generating sound (excluding Windows itself, but I don't have it set up to play login sounds).

    It seems the "kx.mixer" is trying to allocate the maximum amount of virtual memory possible (it hits my virtual memory limit, ~16GB) so it hangs my PC for some minutes (about 5) until it starts to respond. The same symptoms has other people are having (it seems).

    Is it related to some graphical stuff? (windows handles) I don't much of windows programming, so I'm not sure.

    The moment I remove the effect I added (before the problem) all comes back to normal, for instance (now, after it has happened) about 124 MB Virtual memory, 344 KB working set and 10 MB private memory, used by "kxmixer.exe" (reported by process explorer). Before, you can see the usage in the screenshot. In the screenshot, the "problematic" effect is "ProPhaser" and is between the 10B Equalizer and gainHQ (outside the screen). Check the link:


    I'm really looking forward for the solution of this problem, as it has happened a lot of times before (and it will happen again, for sure...)

    Kind regards,


    My hardware/OS:
    Intel Core i5 750,
    6 GB DDR3,
    Gigabyte GA-P55-UD3R,
    GF 460 GTX 1 GB,
    Windows 7 x64 updated (latest).

    ----Hardware / Software configuration---------------

    Driver Name:kX Audio Driver (Debug)
    Driver Date: Sep 18 2009 02:44:05
    Driver Version: - debug
    DB Name:none
    SB0244 10k2 [df00]
    PCI Information:
    Device: 41102 Subsys: 10071102 ChipRev: 4
    Card is '10k2'
    Card has MPU device
    Card model is '5.1'
    Card is Audigy2-compatible
    Card HAS AC97 codec
    Codec name: SigmaTel STAC9721/23
    3D Extension: SigmaTel 3D Enhancement
    Codec is 2.0 compliant
    Capabilities[6940] :
    DAC resolutions : -16-bit- -18-bit-
    ADC resolutions : -16-bit- -18-bit-
    Ext Capabilities [200]: -slot/DAC mappings-
    Port: df00 Irq: 0x9(9)
    Playback buffer: 20a0
    Record buffer: 4000
    Number of AC3 buffers: 4
    Tank memory: 256 kb
    GSIF buffer: 256 samples
    OS version: [2 6 1 ; 2 6 1 ; 156 148]
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    the not working volume/muteknob on my breakoutbox is not the only problem.
    It seems, that volume/mute keys on my multimedia keyboard and on my steelseries "fang" gamerkeyboard does not work too.
    The only effect when using this keys is popping on the OSD but with no effect.

    after installing the 3550 driverpack, i had to copy all the files to system32 folder to get ASIO to work.

    My System Specs:

    Win Pro 7 32-bit
    2GB Ram
    Core 2 Duo E6600
    Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro
    kX Driver 3550

    1.) can someone confirm problems with this knobs/keys?
    2.) or can someone confirm that everything whith volume/mute knobs/keys is fine on win7
    3.) does someone knows, how to fix the problem with the volume/mute knobs and keys?
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    Îòâåò: 3550 bug reports

    Sorry for my english

    KX Driver 3550, windows7 ultimate, AMD X2 4400, gigabyte M55 plus S3G.
    E-MU 0404 PCI + Live 5.1.

    Asio, EMU 0404, foobar 2000 (vol=max), Signal level out of range, a little signal distortion presents. If playing to master mixer, it`s Ok (vol=max).
    Real signal level in Line Out Asio > Master mixer = x2.
    Playing formats - Flac.

    After starts Windows is no sound. Sounds is works after pressed button "Reload Firmware" in E-DSP control.

    I can`t play signal from line in, i want make trasit sound and here line in signal on line out.

    Live 5.1 default playing in "black" out (0/1). I`m set (2/3) but this option no save after windows restarts.

    Very Thanks for your work!
  4. Eugene Gavrilov

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    Îòâåò: 3550 bug reports

    thank you guys,

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    please use this one
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