3D Modeling Software = Totally FREE! In April DIGIT Magazine

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    For those who would like to dabble (or otherwise) in 3D modeling, but were afraid to spend money on a program, the April Edition of DIGIT magazine includes a TOTALLY FREE version of AMAPI 6.1.

    I've been buying DIGIT magazine for years. In fact, for the past few years it's the only magazine I do buy with regularity. The CD that comes with the magazine often has some very valuable programs and they're often FULL VERSION. (Although, in most cases not the most recent version of a program.)

    DIGIT is published in the UK and also has some very interesting articles that go indepth as to how your favorite new movie accomplished all the special FX that were seen.

    In the April Edition is also a huge article dealing with the upcoming new British TV series, Dr. Who.

    I heartily recommend this magazine to anyone interested in digital rendering, Special computer generated FX, and most anything related to graphics and computers.


    Here's a link to the online version: DIGIT Online

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