A Comparison Of The Latest Pentium 4 Motherboards Part 1

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    Over the last few months, Intel has taken a lot of heat over its latest P4 processor. Its most recent Prescott core is literally a "hot little item" that cooks along between 84 and 115 W max, depending on the model. By contrast, AMD CPUs go up to a maximum of 89 W, and their latest generation only goes to 67 W. AMD is still ahead of Intel technologically thanks mainly to their CPUs' 64-bit capability, NX bit, and Cool 'n' Quiet feature. But the introduction of reworked, faster P4 processors will soon renew the attractiveness of Intel's solutions. Intel can claim some advantages for its latest platforms. The 915 and 925 chipsets are without doubt among the best on the market today from a technological standpoint. And while it is true that motherboard manufacturers enjoy fewer and fewer differentiating features due to the advancing degree of component integration, Intel has developed a variety of options for adapting products to meet a range of different requirements.

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