A New Tomorrow

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    Everyday brings something new, so many humble people in the world living there lives, pursuing there dreams, and making a difference in our world we all live in together.

    I am so grateful to be apart of this wonderful gift I have been given, the gift of life, along with so many others, despite our disappointments, displacements and let downs in our journey's.

    Life isn't easy, but I believe its what makes us stronger, Its what makes us thrive to get the things we want and to chase down our dreams to live a better life altogether. "If you want something you must practice being it" I believe this to be true.

    It's the little things that matter the most in life, the ones that go unnoticed, all the fancy cars and million dollar houses are nice, and a great achievement for some, but its not a necessity, your life is, because without it you wont be able to make an impact on someone Else's life, which I believe is vital in our world we share together, because for every bad deed done there is a good one to replace it with, and this is where you play a role in life and what makes a difference in our lives and the world altogether, this is why you are so important even tho you may not feel this way.

    You may have done bad things in your life your not proud of, but chances are we all have done something we aren't proud of, just remember you are still loved despite your flaws. Even a good person can change into a better person, your opportunities in the world are endless but your life isn't.

    Value it, Protect it, and Share it.
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    Very positive again Bro and well written. Writers write with passion and what they are feeling all the time yours are always positive.

    I am going to look for a few more here myself as sometimes I write that way, or dark, or whatever mood I am in.

    These will be song lyrics but anything I post I have taken care of the date of creation and legal stuff myself. It is not the responsibility of Zardon or Driverheaven.net to do so but our own and we do this to share it with friends ;)

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