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    On March 3 the SoftInform company released a new version of the system for full-text search and similar documents search SearchInform 2.0.
    SearchInform 2.0 features a complete remake of the index creating process. This optimization trebled the speed of indexing large documents as compared to the previous versions (from 15 to 30 Gb/hour compared to 6 Gb/hour in version SearchInform 1.8).
    In addition, SearchInform 2.0 has been completed with its own PDF-files parser (instead of the previously used Adobe Filter), as well as the ability to index and search in instant messengers logs ICQ 99-2005 Microsoft Messenger, and support of the MDB format.

    Main Features of SearchInform:
    - Phrasal search with account of morphology and the synonyms dictionary
    - The new technology for searching similar documents SoftInform Search Technology
    - High indexing speed (from 15 to 30 Gb/hour),
    - Index size about 15-20% of the actual text information amount
    - Support of over 50 widely used text file formats, Outlook and TheBat electronic messages, mp3 and avi tags, as well as ICQ 99-2005 andMicrosoft Messenger logs.
    - Flawless operation with archives
    - Universal data sources (indexing DBMS and various informational systems fields)

    Since 2.0 version, indexing speed has been encreased up to 15-30GB per hour. According to the test results made in our labaratory, indexing and search speed of new searchInform is 4-10 times higher than our major competitors (dtSearch, ISYS etc). Even if you are using all search options (phraze search, morphology search etc.) search steed is 2-3 times higher than simlar programs

    You can learn more about SearchInform from:

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