Absence of household internet sitting at 23% in U.S.

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    The COVID-19 pandemic caused a significant chunk of the U.S. workforce to rely upon their household internet, whether they liked it or not. As we know, collaboration was mostly video- and audio-conference-based. Predictably, connectivity and the presence of uninterrupted internet services played a crucial role in keeping services seamless.

    Yet, when researchers at Reviews.org delved deeper to get a cogent picture of where connectivity standards in the country stood, the result was alarming.

    While the numbers suggest a noticeably large market to explore, the data also show how a widening digital divide could hinder growth in some states and provoke workforces to move to better-connected areas. The implications of this could be vast. A look into the research numbers highlights a substantial digital divide among states.
    Source: venturebeat

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