Adobe created Iphone tool without help from Apple

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    Adobe systems are well known for their creative software suites, but they are ultimately regarded for their Flash technology. They have recently developed tools to allow Flash developers to creative native iphone applications without any support from Apple.

    They announced yesterday that the next version of Flash Professional (due in beta form shortly) will allow developers to export their flash code in a format that will allow it to run on the iPhone as a native app. This also means that Flash developers won't have to recode their programs from the ground up for the iPhone which should help expand the array of applications in upcoming months.

    "We believe these applications are good for Apple and good for the iPhone" Adrian Ludwig, a product marketing manager with Adobe's Flash Platform group, told the press yesterday. "We have no reason to believe that Apple won't love this".

    It seems rather strange that a more positive statement wasn't made in regards to Apple's stance on the matter and clearly there is some tension between the companies.

    Lets hope Adobe spend some time in finally getting a 64bit version of Flash Player to people on the Windows platform.

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