AMD Officially Publishes Source Code for GPUFORT To Deter Competitor NVIDIA & Their CUDA Application

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    AMD has placed their translation tool, GPUFORT, into open source, allowing more transparency from the company for developers and enthusiasts to utilize the code and build off of it. This is speculated that it is in response to NVIDIA's hold on the parallel computing industry with their own tool, CUDA.

    GPUFORT "aims to offer a translation toool so that large code bases in CUDA can work outside of the closed ecosystem of the green giant," reports website Itsfoss. GPUFORT is utilized under the Radeon Open Ecosystem (ROCm).

    The limitations developers have had thanks to NVIDIA keeping their CUDA proprietary has forced many to work with their tool without any alternatives. AMD recognized the need for another option for users and have worked to bring mechanisms to utilize specific CUDA coding to something more compatible with their Radeon technology.

    Source: wccftech

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