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    The AMD Radeon VII is an unexpected return for AMD to the top end of the graphics market. It’s an unusual product, too: the first consumer 7nm to arrive, and a card that’s arrived at the consumer market by way of the workstation ranks. Can the AMD Radeon VII steal us away from the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080, or is AMD still failing to compete?

    AMD Radeon VII Review – Can AMD Beat Nvidia?
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    sadly, no mention of let alone trying "automatic undervolt".... or any of the media creation stuff that the R7 simply trashes all the RTX cards at doing.

    Noise is pretty much instantly sorted with the auto undervolt and in some cases you see no general drop in performance... however in terms of minimums things tend to improve as the clock rarely see any throttling do to the additional headroom given by the undervolt.

    For all intents and purposes, in games it's a RTX2080 equivilent, and in basically EVERYTHING else, it completely smashes them all.

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