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    Hi guys! My office mates and I are looking for an email client. We're a small firm, 18 people including some new interns, and we have a mail server that enables IMAP access and a calendar that implements CalDAV standard.

    So, here's what we're looking for in an email client:
    • IMAP access
    • Calendar (either by supporting CalDAV in the app, or by being able to talk to the calendars on the phone, as there are solutions to enable CalDAV support on Android)
    • not shady - there are several nice looking apps which do user profiling with questionable anonymizations; one of the most highly recommended, BlueMail, has been caught sending usernames and passwords to their servers
    • paid is ok, but we'd really like to avoid subscription based apps (and many of the better ones have gone down that route)
    So far, we've been using Outlook for Android, but its IMAP implementation has been broken for a couple of months (sending doesn't work) despite several updates in the meantime.

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