Android exec wants to help Apple bring RCS on iPhones

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    Google has been trying to push carriers all around the world to adopt Rich Communication Services (RCS) since 2017. For the uninitiated, RCS is like SMS 2.0 with the ability to send pictures, videos, voice notes, and QR codes across.

    While more than 88 mobile network operators support this communication standard, you can’t use it on iPhones. So if you’re texting a friend who uses Apple devices, they’ll still see those green bubbles reserved for people not using iMessage.

    Today, Android SVP Hiroshi Lockheimer cheekily tweeted about helping Apple deploy RCS. He commented on a tweet describing a person with green bubbles (aka a person using Android) in a group chat, and sent an “open invitation” to people “who can make this right.”
    Source: thenextweb

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