'Anthem' Producer Tells Fan Not To Worry About EA Shutting Down BioWare

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    Following EA completely missing the mark on Mass Effect: Andromeda, many began to speculate that Anthem would be a do or die game for the team. In other words, fans and players at large were concerned that if BioWare fumbled Anthem like it did Mass Effect: Andromeda, EA -- who is known to have shuttered a developer or two in its time -- would turn the lights off at the studio.

    Fast-forward to last week, and Anthem released, and it's rocky launch is reminiscent of the start of Andromeda. Depending on the platform, Anthem's Metacritic score ranges from 60 to 65, and the user review scores are even worse. Meanwhile, sales for the game are seemingly underwhelming, and a lot of the narrative around the multiplayer title since launch has been about its bugs, crashing issues, and lack of content. It's not been a good start for what was once one of the most anticipated games of 2019.

    And as you would expect, with BioWare once again finding itself in a precarious situation, talk of EA shuttering it has only gotten louder.

    However, while EA has been known to ruthlessly to shut down studios, it doesn't seem like that's what's in the pipeline for BioWare.
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