Anti-spyware consortium loses another member

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    The anti-spyware consortium COAST (Consortium of Anti-Spyware Technology Vendors) now looks to be on the verge of collapse following the withdrawal of another high profile member.

    Computer Associates, which has an interest in the anti-spyware market through the PestPatrol brand it bought last year, has said it is quitting the consortium. In a statement the company said, 'We are withdrawing from COAST because we believe the organization no longer has the ability to create a consensus for effective anti-spyware standards. We remain committed to working with other vendors and researchers to create standards that will improve the security and usability of the Internet for all.'

    As we reported yesterday, two other members of the anti-spyware group, Webroot and Aluria have already quit the group. Although none of the companies who have left have said so publicly, they are said to be unhappy about the recent admittance of adware company 180solutions.

    However, in the case of Computer Associates it seems that it is the actions of Webroot and Aluria which have caused it to leave. According to eWeek, Sam Curry CA's is quoted as saying 'It's sad that some ill-informed and hasty moves are drawing such attention. COAST really was doing something valuable and getting developers to change their questionable tactics.'

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