'Apex Legends' Players Are Using Supply Bins to Launch Themselves

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    Octane and Pathfinder apparently aren’t the only characters in Apex Legends who can access areas high above the normal battleground thanks to a Supply bin bug that’s been discovered. Players recently found out that by smacking a Supply bin a couple of times after it’s already been opened and then jumping on top of it, players will go flying up into the air to reach areas that nobody could possibly reach under normal circumstances.

    The clearly unintended effect that’s showcased in the GIF below shows one player replicating the bug and sharing evidence of it on Reddit. While playing as Gibraltar, the Legend who you’d least expect to find that high up, the player slaps the top of an opened Supply bin a few times before bouncing on it and soaring through the air. To amplify the effect, an Octane player can drop a Launch Pad on top of the opened supply bin to send people even higher.
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