Apple developing radio app for iphone

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    Apple are apparently creating a new application for their iPhone and iPod Touch which will bring FM radio to the devices - something I always questioned that wasn't in place already.

    Apparently going on rumour, the application will be very similar in operation to the Apple tuner built into the iPod Nano. This includes the rather cool option of being able to 'pause' FM transmissions and fast forward them when you resume the playback.

    The reason for the delay is apparently down to the fact that Apple are deciding to integrate it with the iTunes Store. Using this methodology it would allow people to tap on a song playing on the radio and then purchase it directly from the Apple store through Itunes.

    There are already third party applications available to play FM radio on the iPhone, but the release of an official Apple application is always met with much end user excitement.

    We tried to contact Apple about this application but they declined to give a comment.

    Allan Campbell: Heaven Media

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