Apple Series 6 Watch discontinued from official lineup after Series 7 launch

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    Tech giant Apple has now finally removed the Series 6 Apple watch from its official lineup nearly a month after the launch of its Series 7 smartwatch. On the official website, one can only see the Series 7 and SE smartwatches.

    Apple Series 7 smartwatch was announced at the launch event of the iPhone 13 series. According to a report by The Verge, customers planning to buy a brand new Apple Watch will now only have three options.

    These three options include the Series 7, which starts at USD 399; the still-very-good SE, which was introduced last year and starts at USD 279; and the years-old Series 3, which starts at USD 199.

    An ANI report, however, pointed out there are still a few ways to get a Series 6 and given how many features are shared between the Series 7 and the Series 6, the previous generation model could be a good option to consider if one wants to save some money.


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