Applying EQ to just one input?

Discussion in 'Effects and the DSP' started by alvabass, Oct 16, 2016.

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    Hi. Thank you for reading. I'm a vinyl records enthusiast and I'm always trying to get the best possible sound from my records. I've just learned about using a pink noise reference audio file to check for the "flatness" of the sound. I want my records to sound the most neutral possible, without favoring or cutting any particular frequencies.

    After comparing a pink noise audio file (downloaded from the Internet) with the pink noise from a test LP using Voxengo Span, I've found that the sound of my vinyl setup is mostly flat, but needs a kick in the low frequenies (40 Hz and below). My turntable is plugged to the AUX2 input of the kX mixer. My question is: Is it possible to apply some EQ to just that input without having to insert a physical EQ unit in the turntable signal path, but just using the kX equalizer? Thank you one more time.
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    Open the DSP, find the Aux2 inputs, possibly the last two on the Prolog and insert the EQ there. Drag with the mouse pointer from each connection point to form the virtual wires, right click to disconnect if you make a mistake. To load the EQ, right-click on a blank area in the DSP and select add Effect / plug-in, EQ and filter. Double click on the plug-in to open it, click and drag to move it around. Although I'm not sure, in case the signal from the turntable isn't strong enough, you might need to add x4 and Div4 plug-ins before and after the EQ. Then connect the EQ to the last two pins on the Xrouter and if you need Asio, to the last two pins on Epilog. If you have any questions, feel free to ask, good luck.

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