'Ark: Survival Evolved' is Wiping Certain Servers and Discontinuing Support to Others

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    Studio Wildcard has upset some Ark: Survival Evolved players by announcing that certain servers will be axed soon and other older servers won’t be eligible for customer support in the future.

    Whether servers will be wiped or not has been a question that’s received different from Wildcard in the past depending on when players asked, but it seems the definite answer now is that some servers will absolutely be wiped. “Some” actually means about one-third of the servers, according to a comment from wildcardjen on Reddit, the community lead for Wildcard.

    “It is 33% of our total servers across all platforms as I mentioned in the post, with the largest fraction come from PC and the smallest from PS4,” wildcardjen wrote. “In total we have 2915 servers between PC, Xbox, and PS4. I realize the number seems like a lot, but we looked at the trends for all of the servers and chose the servers based on sustained population. Currently we really do have a lot of under utilised servers.”
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