Atari VCS Interview Touches on Delays, Streaming, and Third-Party Apps

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    The Atari VCS has been in the making for a good few years now after originally being unveiled back in 2017. Back then it was known as the Ataribox but later rebranded to the Atari VCS. The product, supported by Indiegogo funding has had a bit of a rocky ride if a quick rummage through its history is anything to go by. A new internal interview answering common questions surrounding the system has been published.

    The interview is with Chief Operating Officer Michael Arzt where he touches on delays, technical improvements, and plans for the backers still waiting for the system.

    The first question jumps straight into the delay that happened in March 2019 which was the result of improving the hardware by upgrading the microprocessor to an AMD Ryzen chip. Arzt seems confident that the progress of the production is still on target for March 2020. He mentions that when they delayed the system in March 2019, they expected to have it out within 2019 for Indiegogo backers, but now the product is due to land in March 2020. “Today, given the work still to be done, including the final stages of our certification and testing cycles, we now realize we will need a few more weeks than anticipated.”

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    They should partner up with Cloud Imperium Games.

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