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    + Improved support for Windows XP64/ 2003 64bit.
    + Improved 3D renderer
    + Now ATT set 3D render thread priority to Idle.
    + Updated "Monitoring Graphs" module. Now you can set colors for grid and backgrounds.
    + Updated "TV/Displays" Module. Added option to operate with DDC information and to override display limits if monitor doesn't supported DDC.
    + Added confirmation dialog in "TV/Displays" module.
    + Added option to manipulate FlipQueueSize (prerender limit) value for Direct3D.
    + Added new option in tweak section. "Force Mip-Map Filter".
    + Added option to edit Lookup table for FAN in Auto Mode. (Only lm63 supported at this time)
    + Added option to send temperature value to POST indicator and to any compatible with POST indicator hardware. (Some of EPOX motherboards has POST Indicators).
    + Fixed bug with incorrect Catalyst A.I. detection

    Download/Source: ATI Tray Tools

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