ATITool 0.0.21 Released

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    ATITool is an overclocking utility designed for ATI video cards.

    Latest Changes:

    • Scan for Artifacts now makes a log entry every 15 minutes
    • Added and tested X800SE PCI-E overclocking support
    • When the main window is partly or completely off screen when launched, it will be moved to be visible
    • Render window requires a hw accelerator + running driver
    • Disabled maximizing/minimizing of render window
    • Moved I2C access code into kernel driver
    • Added option to set video card PCI latency
    • Improved theme support (more like enabled it)
    • Added option to create desktop icon after install
    • Added RV410 support
    • Added Video Memory Timings Editor (not in 0.0.21 release but in next dev. build)
    • Added option to disable the tray icon (icon will always be visible while ATITool is initializing)
    • Added Gamma Control
    • Added experimental "Remove 9000/9200/9550/9600 clock lock"
    • Trying to overwrite the default profile now gives an error msg
    • Added option to limit log file size
    • Bug fixes to the installer
    • Added fan control for X800
    • Added options to disable Direct3D error messages
    • Added shared memory, other applications can now get ATITool data
    • Fixed settings window popping up in wrong place
    • Statically linked version - distribution is now only 820 KB in size
    • Updated Kernel Mode driver - getting ready to port to 64 Bit
    • Tray icon is automatically recreated when explorer crashes
    • If the tray icon can't be created (possible during windows startup, explorer is not running yet) just continue loading and create the icon as soon as explorer is ready
    • Added text field with temperature to main window
    • Added support for Radeon 9550 - these cards are overclocking locked. Use the softmod drivers
    • Added support for sending clock/temp. data to MBM
    • Added option to log temperatures
    • Added overclocking/temp. monitoring support for X600
    • Added temp. monitoring support for 9800 PRO on XT PCB with temp. chip
    • Profile selection is no longer saved on exit, but on change
    • room.x now included in executable
    • Fixed bug where the tray temperature display would get stuck on desktop resize
    • Fixed bug with temperature detection
    • Fixed bug where find max. would try too high clockrates when clock frequency limits are enabled
    • Added warning if D3D Debug Runtimes are active
    • Screensaver will be disabled during 'find max' and 'scan for artifacts'
    • Added 'add to start menu' all users/current user
    • Tweaked*3D detection, will*now work with UT2K4's d3d9 renderer
    • Added option to change font/color of temperature in systray
    • Added temperature monitoring for ASUS cards
    • Added extra checks to low-level hardware code
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