Audigy 2 + Win 7 Pro "Interactive window system required"

Discussion in 'Hardware Discussion & Support' started by lilyakka, Oct 27, 2009.

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    Audigy 2 + Win 7 Pro "Interactive window station required"

    I recently upgraded to Windows 7 Professional and wanted to update my driver to the latest one from Creative that has Windows 7 support. Their installer uninstalls the old driver and reboots the machine, it then progresses to install the new driver (which never really installs). If I manually try to install it via device manager I get the error of "an interactive window station is required". I've searched all over the web for a solution to this and all I can seem to find is "Reinstall Windows". That is an awfully drastic approach to something that seems so trivial especially a plug and play driver installation. Anyone know how to fix this problem??

    Windows update also fails to install the device, and there is no restore point to go back to.

    I've run the Creative auto update as well. Nothing I try works, no matter what level I elevate the process to (Admin ect.) Safe mode doesnt work either.

    Device: Creative Audigy 2
    Model: SB0240
    Device IDs:
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    creative sucks at making drivers for their own software. their uninstaller also does a shitty job too and leaves a bunch of stuff behind. Download driversweeper and use that to uninstall the remaining bits of the driver after you've used creative's uninstaller. also uninstall everything else thats creative before doing this! so that everything is gone After that, install the driver, or try danielk's driver. He made a new one for windows 7. search it up, i don't have a link to it, but thats the driver that worked me...kinda. it fixed my 5.1 surround problem, but now my sound dies on my after a while at random times... zzz

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