Audigy 2 ZS Notebook SB0530 Questions

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by GeniusAction, Jun 5, 2009.

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    Hi to everyone help me please.
    I've a notebook DELL M6300 CPU T7500, 4gb RAM, with an adapter PCI EXPRESS -- PCMCIA
    Audigy 2 ZS Notebook SB0530 Card

    Windows Vista SP2 64bit ---> KX DRIVER 3546
    Windows XP SP3 32 bit ---> KX DRIVER 3545B
    HEAD PHONE AKG 272 HD ( AKG Personal Audio - K 272 HD )

    My settings are:
    1) Windows control panel HeadPhone
    2) KX Driver 2.1 (COPY) so i can have Virtual 5.1
    3) Output on Master Mixer.

    1) Question I've set everything correctly? (For gaming)
    2) Why Output volume are so high? Even if I modify DSP output EQ from 0.00 DB to -12DB and set master mixer output from 100 to 30. I need to low volume inside software and games.
    3) Sometimes after some gaming (Like counter strike source, or unreal tournament III, audio starts with some pop and click noise at low frequency.

    Help me please, post corrections to my set or explain what I can do. Thank you in advance.
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    Sep 8, 2003
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    Sorry, but I have one question to you: what kind of PCI_E to CardBus adaptor you are using?
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  4. TravelRec.

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    Ahh, I see. Do you get always high volume with your card? Is the signal distorted or only too loud? The A2ZSNB puts all analogue signals out around 0db (max 2.2Vss) by default. Can you post a screenshot of your setup, specially the DSP?
  5. GeniusAction

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    I get always high volume the signal is NOT distorted TOO LOUD.
    Here it is a screenshot high resolution with a lots of panels opened.
    I use standard dsp, I've only reduced 10 BAND EQ to -12.0 DB (to reduce high volume) set master to 30 30, wave to 50 50, and everything in input/output panels to standard 0db.

    Thanks in advance
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  6. TravelRec.

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    Hmm - I would say, you clear all plugins from the DSP and install ProFX for your current driver package. Then put only 'k2lt' and a 'src' plugin into the DSP. Select a valid output on the 'k2lt' and place some wires between 'src' and these outputs. Select a valid input on the 'src'. If the signal is okay, insert a mixer plugin, e.g. 'MX6' or 'MX8' between 'src' and 'kxlt'. Finally add some more 'src' plugins to have all the inputs you need. Adjust the sound levels for each channels with the mixer plugin.
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    Ok Travel, the solution is ProFX for 3545b, I've set 4 ProFx Src, 1 MX6, 1 KXLT. Help me in configure output. (Remember I have an HeadPhone, and I need Surround Simple Copy to obtain upmix to 5.1 I.E. Virtual Surround main purpose play games with 3d positioning)

    Now I'm using:

    1 Profx SRC (fxbus 0/1 master) --- MX6 --- Analog Front Out

    2 Profx SRC (fxbus 2/3 Front L/R) --- MX6 --- SPDIF OUT/Digital front

    3 Profx SRC (fxbus 4/5 Rear L/R) --- MX6 --- REAR OUT

    4 Profx SRC (fxbus 6/7 center/lfe) --- MX6 --- Analog Center/LFE

    With this kind of config I can listen to music for example with winamp (chan1), testing an hardware configuration with RightMark 3d sound (RightMark 3D Sound. Products. Audio Rightmark) I can hear sound coming from front L/R (chan2), Rear L/R (chan3), but Center and LFE (chan4) are very strange. Center come from front left and no LFE. Tried it also with some games like Counter Strike Source in 5.1 config and same trouble about Center and LFE.
    I think that I need to correctly mix Center and LFE with other channel but I don't know how to do it. Could you help me?

    With your hints, level volume now are perfect!!! Thanks to Profx plugin maker Lex Nahumury
  8. TravelRec.

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    Sep 8, 2003
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    Hm, okay you figured out some things... For 3D and Surround sound I´m not a big help, since I always use plain stereo or multichannel sounds for making music, not playing games :( Maybe Russ, MD6 or DJ-Stick can help you some more.
  9. Russ

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    Are you only using headphones, or do you use both speakers (5.1) and headphones?

    Why do you have FxBus 2/3 connected to "SPDIF OUT/Digital front" instead of analog front, or both analog and digital front? (note that I am not completely familiar with the A2SZNB (nor kX version 3546)).

    I am not sure that MX6 is the best thing to use for multichannel output, as it is meant more as a recording mixer. You can use it that way if you want, but it is not ideal (center and LFE are mono channels, and MX6 treats inputs (and internal routing) as stereo). This is probably why you are having issues with the center channel. You might be better off just using 'Vol' plugins (and 'peak' plugins if desired), etc.

    Regarding the original issue, you say the Master Volume is at 30... That leaves some room at the bottom end to lower the volume, so why not just turn it down a bit more. Additionally you have the Ins and Outs page (assuming it is functional with the A2ZSNB) where you can lower the volume of the individual outputs if you want to.

    Regarding LFE, this channel is not used by most audio sources. It is more often generated by redirecting low frequencies away from the other channels (i.e. Bass redirection (using crossovers, etc)).

    Also note that if you like how Surrounder works, but prefer using ProFX:SRC plugins, there is no reason why you cannot use both.
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    Aug 28, 2007
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    Russ you are perfectly right!!!! I'm using only Headphone, the issue was MX6 i.e. lfe and center are mono channel and mx6 was fusing them...
    I've solved in this way look at screenshot.
    Thanks to everyone


    and with this adapter:


    I've connected my headphone to REAR OUT black connector, so in DSP, I've set Master 0/1 to Rear Out output for better quality.
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  11. peate

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    If you really want to see what signal is coming out of those SRC plug-ins, connect them all to a ProFX Peak 4 plug-in, and play different types of audio sources, stereo and surround, youtubes etc. You might not need all of them and you could identify and correct any loudness issues before the surrounder.

    As far as the rear output, that was set as default long ago for older Live cards that had a better quality decoder on the rear output. Audigy cards never had that problem. If it was up to me, I would make it default to the front channel on install. It would solve a lot of questions for newbies and would work logically, lol.
  12. Russ

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    Well if you are only using headphones, then MX6 is OK, but you would have to double connect center and LFE, as if they were stereo inputs. In any case, it sounds as though you want to use Surrounder's down-mixing scheme, so you might as well use Surrounder (you could also try plugins like the HphSp plugin or the Virtual 5.1 plugin, or your own down-mixing scheme, etc).
  13. GeniusAction

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    Russ to try virtual 5.1 I've copied and pasted a source from a Bug thread "Dane's bug" and created the object inside KX Dsp
    Could you point me out if this is latest source? I want remind everyone that this is copyright from the authors and not by me. Sorry for the long post in advance.
    name "virtual5.1";
    copyright "Copyright (c) 2004. Foolou";
    created "10/22/2004";
    engine "kX";
    guid "b2d90700-13e6-4aba-ae11-fb3a34eb986a";

    itramsize 172;
    ; This plugin does a reduced HRTF-convolution to achieve virtual 5point-surround-sound
    ; The hrtf is derived from the kemar data :

    ; input for the convolution is 4 mono-streams for the 4 positioned speakers:
    ; infl = frontleft, infr = frontright, inbl = backleft, inbr = backright
    ; inm = center

    input infl, infr, inbl;
    input inbr;
    input inm;
    input lfe;
    ; prestored values for the mixers

    control front-left=0.83;
    control front-right=0.83;
    control back-left=0.9;
    control back-right=0.9;
    control center=0.7;
    control lfe-volume=0.7;

    ; output is a spatialized stereo-mix of the 5 audiosources for
    ; headphone
    output outhl, outhr;
    ; this is the FIR-filters used to achieve the effect
    ; backward-filter:
    static l10= 0.03326667, l11= 0.28890000, l12=-0.06650000;
    static l13=-0.30056667, l14= 0.22286667, l15= 0.07123333;
    static l16=-0.17296667, l17= 0.18620000, l18= 0.41426667;
    static l19= 0.08590000, l20= 0.07236667, l21= 0.33280000;
    static l22= 0.03366667, l23=-0.10180000, l24= 0.00623333;
    static l25=-0.04856667, l26=-0.12326667, l27=-0.05936667;
    static r22= 0.08553333, r23= 0.09703333, r24=-0.09350000;
    static r25=-0.04806667, r26= 0.05866667, r27=-0.00556667;
    static r28=-0.00956667, r29= 0.15076667, r30= 0.23810000;
    static r31= 0.07446667, r32= 0.07696667;
    ; frontleft-filter:
    static fl09= 0.18696667, fl10= 0.41006667, fl11= -0.38650000;
    static fl12=-0.14216667, fl13= 0.04960000, fl14= -0.14953333;
    static fl15= 0.48100000, fl16= 0.03460000, fl17= 0.22436667;
    static fl18= 0.76460000, fl19= 0.06076667, fl20= -0.40433333;
    static fl21= 0.09683333, fl22= 0.07473333, fl23= -0.40000000;
    static fl24=-0.12726667, fl25=-0.07180000;

    static fr20= 0.11010000, fr21= 0.04873333, fr22=-0.10876667;
    static fr23= 0.07416667, fr24=-0.03633333, fr25=-0.04693333;
    static fr26= 0.16090000, fr27= 0.04556667, fr28= 0.08066667;
    static fr29= 0.23163333, fr30= 0.13646667, fr31=-0.07303333;
    static fr32= 0.08133333, fr33=-0.10006667;

    ; temporal variables needed to do the math
    temp outl, outr , x;

    ; using 5 sections of the itram for 5 audio-delays
    idelay write putincuebl at 0x0;
    idelay write putincuebr at 0x22;
    idelay write putincuefl at 0x44;
    idelay write putincuefr at 0x66;
    idelay write putincuefm at 0x88;

    ; needs a lot of registers to access the needed parts of the
    ; itram for the hrtf-convolution
    idelay read w32 at 0x20;
    idelay read w31 at 0x1F;
    idelay read w30 at 0x1E;
    idelay read w29 at 0x1D;
    idelay read w28 at 0x1C;
    idelay read w27 at 0x1B;
    idelay read w26 at 0x1A;
    idelay read w25 at 0x19;
    idelay read w24 at 0x18;
    idelay read w23 at 0x17;
    idelay read w22 at 0x16;
    idelay read w21 at 0x15;
    idelay read w20 at 0x14;
    idelay read w19 at 0x13;
    idelay read w18 at 0x12;
    idelay read w17 at 0x11;
    idelay read w16 at 0x10;
    idelay read w15 at 0x0F;
    idelay read w14 at 0x0E;
    idelay read w13 at 0x0D;
    idelay read w12 at 0x0C;
    idelay read w11 at 0x0B;
    idelay read w10 at 0x0A;

    idelay read b32 at 0x42;
    idelay read b31 at 0x41;
    idelay read b30 at 0x40;
    idelay read b29 at 0x3F;
    idelay read b28 at 0x3E;
    idelay read b27 at 0x3D;
    idelay read b26 at 0x3C;
    idelay read b25 at 0x3B;
    idelay read b24 at 0x3A;
    idelay read b23 at 0x39;
    idelay read b22 at 0x38;
    idelay read b21 at 0x37;
    idelay read b20 at 0x36;
    idelay read b19 at 0x35;
    idelay read b18 at 0x34;
    idelay read b17 at 0x33;
    idelay read b16 at 0x32;
    idelay read b15 at 0x31;
    idelay read b14 at 0x30;
    idelay read b13 at 0x2F;
    idelay read b12 at 0x2E;
    idelay read b11 at 0x2D;
    idelay read b10 at 0x2C;

    idelay read p33 at 0x65;
    idelay read p32 at 0x64;
    idelay read p31 at 0x63;
    idelay read p30 at 0x62;
    idelay read p29 at 0x61;
    idelay read p28 at 0x60;
    idelay read p27 at 0x5F;
    idelay read p26 at 0x5E;
    idelay read p25 at 0x5D;
    idelay read p24 at 0x5C;
    idelay read p23 at 0x5B;
    idelay read p22 at 0x5A;
    idelay read p21 at 0x59;
    idelay read p20 at 0x58;
    idelay read p19 at 0x57;
    idelay read p18 at 0x56;
    idelay read p17 at 0x55;
    idelay read p16 at 0x54;
    idelay read p15 at 0x53;
    idelay read p14 at 0x52;
    idelay read p13 at 0x51;
    idelay read p12 at 0x50;
    idelay read p11 at 0x4F;
    idelay read p10 at 0x4E;
    idelay read p09 at 0x4D;

    idelay read q33 at 0x87;
    idelay read q32 at 0x86;
    idelay read q31 at 0x85;
    idelay read q30 at 0x84;
    idelay read q29 at 0x83;
    idelay read q28 at 0x82;
    idelay read q27 at 0x81;
    idelay read q26 at 0x80;
    idelay read q25 at 0x7F;
    idelay read q24 at 0x7E;
    idelay read q23 at 0x7D;
    idelay read q22 at 0x7C;
    idelay read q21 at 0x7B;
    idelay read q20 at 0x7A;
    idelay read q19 at 0x79;
    idelay read q18 at 0x78;
    idelay read q17 at 0x77;
    idelay read q16 at 0x76;
    idelay read q15 at 0x75;
    idelay read q14 at 0x74;
    idelay read q13 at 0x73;
    idelay read q12 at 0x72;
    idelay read q11 at 0x71;
    idelay read q10 at 0x70;
    idelay read q09 at 0x6F;

    idelay read outm at 0x98; center is just a little delayed
    ; Code
    ; putting the 5 inputstreams on the itram
    macs putincuebl, inbl, 0x0, 0x0;
    macs putincuebr, inbr, 0x0, 0x0;
    macs putincuefl, infl, 0x0, 0x0;
    macs putincuefr, infr, 0x0, 0x0;
    macs putincuefm, inm, 0x0, 0x0;
    ; and now doing the FIR math with the accum
    ; backleft-stereo-l-spatialized
    macs infl, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0;
    macmv x, x, w27, l27;
    macmv x, x, w26, l26;
    macmv x, x, w25, l25;
    macmv x, x, w24, l24;
    macmv x, x, w23, l23;
    macmv x, x, w22, l22;
    macmv x, x, w21, l21;
    macmv x, x, w20, l20;
    macmv x, x, w19, l19;
    macmv x, x, w18, l18;
    macmv x, x, w17, l17;
    macmv x, x, w16, l16;
    macmv x, x, w15, l15;
    macmv x, x, w14, l14;
    macmv x, x, w13, l13;
    macmv x, x, w12, l12;
    macmv x, x, w11, l11;
    macmv x, x, w10, l10;
    macs x, accum, 0x0, 0x0;
    macs outl, 0x0, x, back-left; mixed into the outputleftchannel

    ;back-right stereo-r-spatialized
    macs infl, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0;
    macmv x, x, b27, l27;
    macmv x, x, b26, l26;
    macmv x, x, b25, l25;
    macmv x, x, b24, l24;
    macmv x, x, b23, l23;
    macmv x, x, b22, l22;
    macmv x, x, b21, l21;
    macmv x, x, b20, l20;
    macmv x, x, b19, l19;
    macmv x, x, b18, l18;
    macmv x, x, b17, l17;
    macmv x, x, b16, l16;
    macmv x, x, b15, l15;
    macmv x, x, b14, l14;
    macmv x, x, b13, l13;
    macmv x, x, b12, l12;
    macmv x, x, b11, l11;
    macmv x, x, b10, l10;
    macs x, accum, 0x0, 0x0;
    macs outr, 0x0, x, back-right; mixed into the outputrightchannel

    ;backleft stereo-r-spatialized
    macs infl, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0;
    macmv x, x, w32, r32;
    macmv x, x, w31, r31;
    macmv x, x, w30, r30;
    macmv x, x, w29, r29;
    macmv x, x, w28, r28;
    macmv x, x, w27, r27;
    macmv x, x, w26, r26;
    macmv x, x, w25, r25;
    macmv x, x, w24, r24;
    macmv x, x, w23, r23;
    macmv x, x, w22, r22;
    macs x, accum, 0x0, 0x0;
    macs outr, outr, x, back-left; mixed to outputright

    ;backright stereo-l-spatialized
    macs infl, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0;
    macmv x, x, b32, r32;
    macmv x, x, b31, r31;
    macmv x, x, b30, r30;
    macmv x, x, b29, r29;
    macmv x, x, b28, r28;
    macmv x, x, b27, r27;
    macmv x, x, b26, r26;
    macmv x, x, b25, r25;
    macmv x, x, b24, r24;
    macmv x, x, b23, r23;
    macmv x, x, b22, r22;
    macs x, accum, 0x0, 0x0;
    macs outl, outl, x, back-right;

    ; now the frontspeakers:
    ; frontleft, stereo-l-spatialized
    macs infl, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0;
    macmv x, x, p25, fl25;
    macmv x, x, p24, fl24;
    macmv x, x, p23, fl23;
    macmv x, x, p22, fl22;
    macmv x, x, p21, fl21;
    macmv x, x, p20, fl20;
    macmv x, x, p19, fl19;
    macmv x, x, p18, fl18;
    macmv x, x, p17, fl17;
    macmv x, x, p16, fl16;
    macmv x, x, p15, fl15;
    macmv x, x, p14, fl14;
    macmv x, x, p13, fl13;
    macmv x, x, p12, fl12;
    macmv x, x, p11, fl11;
    macmv x, x, p10, fl10;
    macmv x, x, p09, fl09;
    macs x, accum, 0,0;
    macs outl, outl, x, front-left;

    ; frontleft, stereo-r-spatialized:
    macs infl, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0;
    macmv x, x , p33, fr33;
    macmv x, x , p32, fr32;
    macmv x, x , p31, fr31;
    macmv x, x , p30, fr30;
    macmv x, x , p29, fr29;
    macmv x, x , p28, fr28;
    macmv x, x , p27, fr27;
    macmv x, x , p26, fr26;
    macmv x, x , p25, fr25;
    macmv x, x , p24, fr24;
    macmv x, x , p23, fr23;
    macmv x, x , p22, fr22;
    macmv x, x , p21, fr21;
    macmv x, x , p20, fr20;
    macs x, accum, 0,0;
    macs outr, outr, x, front-left;

    ; frontright, stereo-l-spatialized:
    macs infl, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0;
    macmv x, x , q33, fr33;
    macmv x, x , q32, fr32;
    macmv x, x , q31, fr31;
    macmv x, x , q30, fr30;
    macmv x, x , q29, fr29;
    macmv x, x , q28, fr28;
    macmv x, x , q27, fr27;
    macmv x, x , q26, fr26;
    macmv x, x , q25, fr25;
    macmv x, x , q24, fr24;
    macmv x, x , q23, fr23;
    macmv x, x , q22, fr22;
    macmv x, x , q21, fr21;
    macmv x, x , q20, fr20;
    macs x, accum, 0,0;
    macs outl, outl, x, front-right;

    ; frontright, stereo-r-spatialized:
    macs infl, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0;
    macmv x, x, q25, fl25;
    macmv x, x, q24, fl24;
    macmv x, x, q23, fl23;
    macmv x, x, q22, fl22;
    macmv x, x, q21, fl21;
    macmv x, x, q20, fl20;
    macmv x, x, q19, fl19;
    macmv x, x, q18, fl18;
    macmv x, x, q17, fl17;
    macmv x, x, q16, fl16;
    macmv x, x, q15, fl15;
    macmv x, x, q14, fl14;
    macmv x, x, q13, fl13;
    macmv x, x, q12, fl12;
    macmv x, x, q11, fl11;
    macmv x, x, q10, fl10;
    macmv x, x, q09, fl09;
    macs x, accum, 0,0;
    macs outr, outr, x, front-right;
    ;after calculating the 8 different audio-streams they are mixed
    ;together for the stereo-output

    macs outl, outl, lfe, lfe-volume;
    macs outr, outr, lfe, lfe-volume;
    macs outhl, outl, outm, center;
    macs outhr, outr, outm, center;

    HeadPhone plugin inside kx dsp seems to me less spatial 3d.
    Russ if you use a DSP configuration for 3d Spatial sounds to use with HeadPhone could you post a screenshot from your setup?
    I've also followed a thread where you were helping in configure virtual 5.1 using a Compressor+ plugin.
    Thanks as always.
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  14. Russ

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    I am not aware of any newer versions in the forums, but it still needs the fix described in the bug thread.

    I do not really have any configs for you. Lately when I want to play around with such things, I have been fooling around with external stuff (software) like Dolby Headphone and TruSurroundXT.

    I really have not done much gaming lately (really my computer is getting too old). The last game I played using headphones (where positional info was helpful) was Americas Army, and that was back when I was still using the Creative driver. For that I used regular stereo (i.e. 2 speaker setting, not the headphone setting) because that worked best (for me) with locating sounds.
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    I got xp sp3, Creative sb audigy 2 zs + 5.1 creative columns and of course kx driver.

    What will be the best driver version for this?

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