Audigy PCI XFI Titanium TitaniumHD are official out now Please read how installed.

Discussion in 'PAX Drivers' started by Robert McClelland, Jun 30, 2012.

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    I made a special bass inf treble inf and mids inf They all over power main EQ tweaks so you don't have adjust them every single one. But to change the setting used main 3 infs in drivers>wdm>common folder. Please make sure you save the inf before you installing the driver set.
    To incress over all setting I recommed you go about 5%-10% incress each time you reinstalled the driver. To find your liking you also can lower the bass if wish too. Just lower like what I said about you upping bass. That way you people have much easyer time adjusting setting those 3 main if you like. For those adv users you can adjust the setting in EQ only if you want too. Just make sure you save the EQ inf each time you before you installed the driver.

    This my treat to you people. That way I can start working on other sets once other sets are done then take long vaction from doing drivers. Unless creative lease new set out :) lol. I check the windows 8 drivers just are hour older drivers. All they did change cab installing support and inf. All I did copy put into my driver set my main suite ones. The windows 8 save settings has been fix now. But to install my drivers you muss disable the driver sign by pressing F8 then press number 7. Then they should work on windows 8.
    I will start working on Auzentech sets and few other request made by PM to group the tweak in the drivers sets when I have time. I will get around updating the major softaresuites next month :) want get main drivers perfect which I did finally. I hope there no more mistake in tweak. Please let me know if catch any thanks.
    To installed them Uninstalled from Device Manger.
    Then delete old software you have from start menu and creative folder in program folder. Then run driver sweeper or driver net. cleaner. Then reboot please run Iobit Advanced SystemCare 5 or crap cleaner. If you haven't check error on your hard drive please do so. Then reboot. Then click on setup reinstalled whole driver software with the driver. Let it finish then reboot then enjoy :). If you have newer software installed go to Driver folder WDM Setup then installed driver that way much quicker :)
    Anyway Enjoy those 4 new sets I put out :) And oh ya Happy tweaking :)

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