Bandai Namco aims to “bring a bigger audience” with Elden Ring

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    The studio’s representative in Europe says the intention is “to expand the fanbase”

    THE From Software’s Souls franchise, always brought niche games. These are not casual games and they demand a lot from the player. Although not a Souls, Sekiro it also carries that essence. But with Elden Ring, so much to From Software, as for the distributor Bandai Namco, they want to reach a larger audience.

    In an interview with Game Industry, Hervé Hoerdt, head of marketing and digital content at Bandai Namco Europe, says that “the idea for Elden Ring is to bring an even larger audience”. “It’s too big for us. It’s too big for From Software. We’re working very closely with Japan. I have three people dedicated to the game here across Europe.”

    Hoerdt says both studios “have the desire to expand the fanbase“. “We have big ambitions, but I feel that what we’re doing will please a lot of people and that’s the most important thing. That’s what we want. We’re not just business people, we want to bring something fun and unique,” he continues.

    About the release date, set for January 21, 2022 (even though Steam shows January 20th), Hervé Hoerdt says they’re pretty confident it’s a good date, even if it’s not a traditional time to release big titles.
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