Bandai Namco Gaming Event July 2011

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    Bandai Namco Gaming Event

    Yesterday the Heaven Media team was invited along to a Namco Bandai event in London to have a look at a handful of their latest titles that are currently still in production. Located at the Bargehouse situated on the Thames in London, Namco Bandai took over the whole building with a large free play area on the top floor and then 5 separate rooms throughout the building each displaying a new title.
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    Looks good, apart from Ridge Racer. I recently bought through PSN, Ridge Racer Type 4 and was pleasantly surprised how good the game was compared to the PS3/Xbox 360/DS versions I know. T4's focus on actual driving and not on just looking "cool", and not 100% relying on "drifting", feels fantastic.
    Now they add Nitro boost thanks to drifting and .....well, I Can't say the series is ruined since I don't like any other game in the series apart from T4, but, why make it Burnout Paradise too? (after NFS:HP). :(
    I wish there was more focus on high speed, great visuals driving than trying to outrun Outrun.

    Anyway, even like this, every single game you mention is high on my list to check. Even when I disagree with them, they know their games.
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    Namco have always released classic games, like you said you always have to check them out when they finally hit the shelves, I think a lot of us have grown up with their games in one way or the other so its always nice to see what they have changed with the latest versions... even if we dont always agree with the alterations. It also so difficult to comment of games that are so far away from release though.

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