Battlefield 4 Fall Patch Detailed

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    The Battlefield Blog now offers details on a fall patch "coming soon" to Battlefield 4, saying they hope to release this by the end of the month. The update also looks beyond this, saying they will soon begin a "teamplay initiative" on the Community Test Environment to work on this aspect of DICE's military shooter sequel. Here's a list of highlights of the fall patch:

    Game modes

    - Rush (All base game maps except Dawnbreaker), Obliteration, Capture the Flag, and Carrier Assault. Added the Obliteration Competitive sub-game mode

    Sight Improvements
    - Close & Medium range sight reticles no longer affected by weapon firing animation, AKA “Visual Recoil”
    - Improved visibility for red glowing reticule pieces against bright backgrounds

    Player Movement
    - Now almost identical to BF3 movement – with BF4 animation sets
    - Dampened third person hit reactions for player head

    HUD clarification pass
    - De-cluttered and made customizable a plethora of HUD options to make BF4 look the way you want it to (within reason)

    Revive mechanic
    - Made revives much more robust, easier to understand with new UI art and included a new “fully charged” paddle sound.

    - Lowering the setting for how much time difference is allowed when damaging other players (addressing trade kills and behind cover kills where high pings are involved)
    - An automatic High Frequency Update setting is now the default for all users
    - Added High Frequency update support to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 platforms
    - Additional improvements to bullet damage delays between clients compared to Netcode Patch

    Weapon attachment changes
    - Muzzle Brake: Reduced the overall impact of this attachment. Both its positives and negatives have been reduced
    - Heavy Barrel: Lowered the buff it gave to minimum moving spread and moved some of that bonus into reduced spread increase. Should be a good option for longer range tap firing
    - Lasers: Small buff to standing hip-fire accuracy

    Weapon changes
    Note that this list contains an excerpt – the upcoming patch notes will have a detailed list.

    - Bullet velocity increases: Improved bullet velocity for Slugs and nearly all suppressed weapons. Selectively improved base velocity for weapons that were too slow for their intended range
    - Damage Model: Many weapons have had their maximum and minimum damage adjusted slightly. It may take 1 extra bullet to kill at extremely close engagements and long range combat
    - Trigger Delay: Removed from all revolvers
    - Adjustments to slower rate of fire weapons to make them easier to use at longer ranges vs higher ROF weapons
    - Carbines and PDWs now have unique bullpup modifiers that give improved bonuses over the rifle counterpart
    - Ammo: Gave more ammo to the weapons that were short a mag compared to their counterparts
    - DMRs: Audio when being shot at by a DMR has been improved
    - SKS and M39EMR no longer allow you to hold breath
    - Grenade capacity lowered and resupply times increased.
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    Much more highly anticipated than the next DLC, lol. :)

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