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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Forum' started by Dexsal, Feb 5, 2005.

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    this site would have the best tyre Survey i ever seen for on
    onRoad offRoad AllTerrtain tyres.
    Survey Results Ongoing Since 1997, 444 Different Tire Models Represented ,1,382,292,008 Miles Reported on by 80,687 Surveys.

    The Surveys shows from readers reports , i was looking at allTerrtain tyres there was 20 brands in that list showing from

    Would Buy Again? Ranked Within
    Category % vs.
    Best In

    Reported Dry
    Traction Wet
    Traction Hydro
    Resistance Snow
    Traction Cornering
    Stability Steering
    Response Ride
    Comfort Noise
    Comfort Tread
    tyre Rack
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    lol the "tyre Rack" reminds me of one of the bad experience that i had in the US. it was in around '85 - '87, i think. my car was stolen in front of a bank in chicago loop area, the car was a new golf gti with 15" gold BBS wheels and that wheel was so popular at that time. a policeman called me 3-4 days later that thay had found the car, then i went there and saw the car was sit almost on the ground, no wheels. lol.
    i checked with many local tire stores, and all they got was some 14" wheel, one of the store told me to call Tyre Rack, i think i remember this name. they told me on the call they will delivery in some of number days, like 14 days or something. but in about 4-5 days the 4 tire/wheels mounted and balanced were arrived. i was very happy with their services and price.

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