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    I'm using kX to have my guitar POD audio out hooked up into my Audigy. Normally I don't use it - I have a full-blown guitar amp for actual guitar practise. But I wanted to have the option to play using headphones during night hours, and I don't like the idea of having to reconnect my headphones from my PC to my POD all the time... so that's why it's there.

    Unfortunately, I can't grasp why some things are happening the way they are.

    First things first, the AC97 recording mixer tab:
    And the DSP:

    A short reasoning for why the DSP is set up the way it is: I want to have a basic 2-speaker output duplicated on the physical Audigy outputs. One's for actual speakers and one's for headphones. I used to have one extra output in use for TV, but that's no longer the case (it's still in the DSP tho).

    What I would like to achieve - I'd like to be able to control the LineIn recording and playback volumes separately.

    Unfortunately, if I mute the LineIn input on the AC97 page then I can neither hear nor record the LineIn. If I unmute it, then I'll always hear it via the speakers - which isn't what I may always want.

    So, how do I mute the LineIn on the speakers without disabling it completely and having it available for recording purposes?

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