Can't install tool to clean ATI drivers. Windows locks at black screen cept Safe Mode

Discussion in 'Driver Cleaner.NET Support' started by zzmnlq01, Jun 19, 2010.

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    My purchase of Driver Cleaner is registered to email I register all purchases and forums to this email first because I do not want lots of junk/crap mail coming to my primary/personal business email address. The best email address to reach me is and if you can use this I would appreciate it but I do occasionally check the yahoo email when I know to expect something.

    My problem is as follows:
    I have multiply partitions of Windows XP pro SP3 and all partitions have been running fine with the AMD ATI newest release 10.2 Feb 0r March 2010 on my ATI Radeon X300. My sons game said it needed an uopdated driver which there is not a newer driver, however he did not know that. He got to the update driver button on the Display Device and started the update but the search somehow found and reverted the driver to a Feb. 2009 driver and upon reboot after selecting the (defualt) boot partition which is for his Windows XP SP3 it goes to the black logo windows screen with the blue scrolling bar which completes and then goes to the black sreen which usually last 2-4 seconds. It locks up there instead of loading the kernel and moving on to the blue screen.

    I cannot boot to "Last know good configuration" or "VGA Mode" it locks up the same, I can only boot to "Safe Mode with networking". The dot net required for your product will not install in safe mode so I have no idea what your tool can or cannot do for me since I cannot meet the pre-requist.

    I cannot reload the correct catalyst app/driver because on this partition in safe mode the install package reports an error and will not start.

    I ran the Windows Startup in boot log mode and checked the log. It is locking up right after loading the FastFat.sys driver. When I boot in Safe Mode the boot log shows the next entries after fastfat to be "Did not load... the ATI drivers".

    I need to remove all registry referenece so it will not even try to load the ATI drivers and/or delete all the ATI driver files. Then I need to load MS default VGA drivers. Can You help?

    I assume there is no way to make your tool clean my windows in Safe Mode, especially without the Dot Net and I assume I cannot boot another partition of Windows and use your product from that partition to cleanup a different partition (the one that is not functioning). If there is away around this to use your tool please let me know.

    I found a minimal manual procedure in another graphics formun but it was not complete enough to stop the attempt to load the ATI driver file. If you can provide a complete or nearly complete manual procedure that includes enough to stop trying to load the driver and/or possibly some other troubleshooting technique to better deal with my corrupted loading driver conflict that would be succesful for this problem it would make the purchase worthwhile and maybe I could pre-install your product for convience and future preparation. Otherwise I cannot see any value in my purchase. In which case it may be prudent to ask for a refund, but lets see what we can do first.

    I am an MCSE since 1999 and would greatly appreciate communicating with you to resolve this problem.

    Thank You!
    Stephen Richter
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    Re: Can't install tool to clean ATI drivers. Windows locks at black screen cept Safe


    If you can't boot to windows anymore then the best thing to try is using the windows cd to do a repair, i thinkl that will fix the problems with booting and then you can install the .NET Framework and run the program.

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